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World’s first thermal battery plant to be uncovered in Andhra Pradesh

The world's first-ever thermal battery plant owned by Bharat Energy Storage Technology Private Limited (BEST) was inaugurated in Amravati, Andhra Pradesh. This plant intends to create new energy storage form that's expected to have commercial uses, while also maintaining low carbon footprint and less dependent on external factors like weather. The critical FactsThe plant begins [...]

Pelican Bird Festival-2018 held in Kolleru lake

The ‘Pelican Bird Festival-2018’ was held for first in Atapaka Bird Sanctuary on at Kolleru lake in Andhra Pradesh. It was jointly organised by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Authority (APTA) and Krishna district administration. Key Points:Pelican Bird Festival Atapaka Bird Sanctuary was recognized as one of the largest pelicanry in the world.During winter season, thousands of [...]