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System of Rice Intensification

What’s SRI?

The System of Rice Intensification, known as SRI — le Système p Riziculture Intensive in French and la Sistema Intensivo de Cultivo Arrocero (SICA) in Spanish — is an agro-ecological methodology for increasing the productivity of irrigated rice by changing the management of plants, soil, water, and nutrients. SRI originated in Madagascar in the 1980s and relies on the cropping principles of significantly reducing plant population, improving soil requirements and irrigation techniques for root and plant development, and improving plant establishment procedures.
To boost the productivity of land, water and other farm inputs in farming of rice crops, a new farming practice — System of Rice Intensification (SRI) has been adopted in many States such as Karnataka. This system of cultivation promotes resource conservation wherein utilization of non-inputs such as seeds, water, fertilizers when compared with conventional rice production system, is practiced. Seedlings are increased up to 10-12 days in the nurseries and therefore are directly implanted at prescribed space. In this method of cultivation, use of conoweeders for weeding is practiced which also helps in better soil aeration and increased soil organic matter because of the incorporation of weeds consequently producing more tillers and panicles. This system is reported to have increased the production of rice by 30-40%. Under Centrally Sponsored Scheme on Integrated Cereals Development Programme in Rice-Based Cropping System Areas under Macro Management of Agriculture and National Food Security Mission, the technology of SRI is encouraged in the selected States such as Karnataka.