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/Current Affairs of daily news – GS Current Affairs 2017- 2018/

Boost For Judicial Infrastructure On Budget

Service Tax on Lawyers Threefold increase in Plan provision for Department of Justice. The cause of speedier justice has got a major boost with a threefold increase in the Plan provision for the Department of Justice – from Rs. 280 crore to Rs. 1,000 crore in the budget for the coming financial year. The bulk [...]

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Born in Thirunelveli, a small city of Tamil Nadu, to an electrician father, Vishalini is no different than other children of her age who love watching cartons, riding bicycle and playing games; however, her IQ and intelligence is not of an average 11-year-old girl. She is a child prodigy blessed with exceptional computer and analytical [...]

Study Reveals Earth at risk of becoming an irreversible hothouse

According to a recent analysis, the earth is at the possibility of entering a constant hothouse state -- in which the global temperatures will rise by a few degrees even if goals under 2015 Paris climate deal are fulfilled. Presently, global average temperatures are just more than 1 degree Celsius over pre-industrial and increasing in [...]