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Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) under its Solar Cities scheme Development Solar Cities scheme Developmentscheme has sanctioned development of 60 Solar Cities including 13 Pilot and 5 Model Cities up to 12th Five-year Plan period (2012–2017).

Key Points:Solar Cities scheme Development
  1. The Solar City aims at minimum 10% reduction in projected demand of conventional energy at the end of five years, through a combination of enhancing supply from renewable energy sources in the city and energy efficiency measures.
  2. The Solar City programme  aims at:1) To enable and empower Urban Local Governments to address energy challenges at City – level. 2)To build capacity in the Urban Local Bodies and create awareness among all sections of civil society.
  3. The Municipal Corporations and City Councils/District Administrations for developing a Solar City has taken many actions like: 1) To create a “Solar City Cell”.  2) To constitute a “Solar City Stake Holders Committee”. 3) To generate necessary funds from State Govt. for achieving the objective of making the city as “Solar City”.
  4. Solar City will have all types of renewable energy based projects like solar, wind, biomass, small hydro, waste to energy etc. It may be installed  with possible energy efficiency measures depending on the need and resource availability in the city.
  5. The basic aim is to motivate the local Governments for adopting renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures and  to consolidate all the efforts of the Ministry in the Urban Sector .

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) Pay as you use tolling in India , is National Highways Authority of India going to launch pilot project of Pay as you use tolling on the Delhi Mumbai national highway to study implement ability of system in the country.

Key Points:National Highways Authority of India
  1. The Pilot project involves implementing a satellite based electronic toll collection system running on GPS/GSM technology for around 500 commercial vehicles on the Delhi-Mumbai national highway. The project will run for one year.
  2. The proposed tolling system will Work on a combination of the satellite-based Global Positioning System and also on mobile telecommunications technology (GSM).
  3. The proposed tolling system would be able to deduct money from a vehicle account, credit the money to the concessionaire within one day and open the toll gate.In case of a failed transaction it would be able to alert the toll operator to collect payment manually and not open the gate.
  4. The pilot project will look at ways to integrate the new solution with the existing pre-paid wallet account offered by NHAI under the FAST ag program.
  5. This Pilot Project will also draw a comparison between distance based tolling and the existing tolling system, as also virtual tolling Vs normal tolling.

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