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India and Oman have signed eight Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs) in different India-Oman sign 8 MoUsareas including defence, health and tourism. The MoUs were inked during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden visit to Oman.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held wide-ranging talks with the Sultan of Oman as the two sides signed eight agreements, including pacts on cooperation in the field of defence, health and tourism.They were signed after delegation-level talks between PM Modi and Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said in Muscat.

About: Signed MoUs

MoU on Cooperation in the field of health,  Annexure to the MoU on Military Cooperation,  MoU on Cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space,  MoU in the field of Tourism cooperation between India and Oman,  Agreement on Legal and Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial matter. Agreement on mutual visa exemption for holders of diplomatic, Special, service and official passports, MoU on Cooperation between Foreign Service Institute, Ministry of External Affairs, India and Oman Diplomatic Institute, MoU on Academic and Scholarly cooperation sectors between National Defence College Sultanate of Oman and the Institute for Defence Studies and the Analyses.

Key Points:

  1. India and Oman have signed eight Memoranda of Understandings (MoUs) in different areas including defence, health and tourism. Oman was last leg PM Modi’s visit to three west Asian countries viz. Palestine, UAE and Oman.
  2. After delegation-level talks, the MoUs were signed  had wide-ranging discussions on measures to strengthen co-operation in trade and investment, energy, defence, security, food security and regional issues.
  3. Oman is a strategic partner for India in the Gulf.Both the countries enjoy warm and cordial relations and have had trade and people-to-people ties as they are linked by geography, history and culture too.
  4. Trade :  Oman is India’s important trading partner. Indian and Omani firms have undertaken joint ventures in wide range of sectors including fertilisers, pharmaceuticals, energy and engineering.
  5. Defence Oman is first Gulf nation to have formalised defence relations with India.Both countries India and Oman have  conducted joint military exercises in 2006 and subsequently signed defence agreement.

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The Indian Navy has unveiled the Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological SystemSystem (IAAMS) at INS Garuda, naval air station located in Kochi, Kerala. Rear Admiral RJ Nadkarni, VSM, Chief of Staff, Headquarters, Southern Naval Command inaugurated the ‘Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System (IAAMS).INS Garuda is the fourth air station to have been installed with this integrated system.


INS Garuda is the fourth air station to have been installed with this integrated system.Now let us move to key facts and important points about Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System.

The IAAMS project will modernize meteorological infrastructure of 9 NASs. Installation of the system at remaining 5 stations and is expected to be completed by March 2019, the project will give a major turn to aviation safety, through automation of weather monitoring process.

Key Points:Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System

  1. Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System (IAAMS) is ambitious project of Indian Navy to modernise Meteorological infrastructure of 9 Naval Air Stations (NAS) and further it  is expected to bring accuracy in weather monitoring mechanism in the Indian Navy.
  2. IAAMS is equipped with state-of-the-art meteorological sensors viz., Radar Vertical Wind Profiler, Ceilometer, Transmissometer and Automatic Weather Observation System.The Project Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System (IAAMS) also undertakes automatic and continuous recording of relevant weather parameters which are important for accurate weather forecasting.
  3. IAAMS provide automatic dissemination of routine weather reports as per standards of World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) to other air stations.It also got special alarm feature that alerts the duty staff during abnormal change of weather parameters that may affect safe flying operations.
  4. INS Garuda also has a number of naval aviation training schools: Observer School trains pilots and technical personnel in maritime reconnaissance, patrol, evacuation and search and rescue (SAR) missions , Aeronautical Training Institute (ATI) conducts training for officers and sailors in aircraft maintenance and School for Naval Oceanography and Meteorology (SNOM) .
  5. INS Garuda also has facilities for imparting training in air-borne anti-submarine operations affiliated with the Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) School.

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