The Finance Minister in his budget Speech (2008-09) announced the setting of the Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System towards establishment of a comprehensive Decision Support System and Management Information. The intended outcome was to generate and monitor scheme-wise and state-wise releases for the Central Plan and Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

• The Scheme is being implemented by the office of Controller General of Accounts as a Plan Scheme under the Planning Commission.

• The scheme envisages on-line tracking of funds disbursed from the Government of India under the plan schemes and also utilization of these funds at different hierarchies of implementation on a real time basis. It also plans to capture the nature of expenditure and unspent balances at various levels of implementation by establishing a link between CPSMS and the Core Banking Solution (CBS) of various participating banks which in turn, help in better fiscal management by the Government.

• The CPSMS is being operated in all civil ministries. It is being implemented on the web based application developed and deployed on the CGA’s accounting softwares known as COMPACT & e-lekha.

• On full implementation, the system would provide a platform on which the management at each level would be able to monitor fund utilization under various plan schemes. The system would provide customized information of fund deployment and utilization vertically under each scheme and horizontally across schemes to Finance Secretaries, Administrative Secretaries, District Collectors, and to district agencies etc. The information available on CPSMS will be used to bring efficiency, accountability and transparency.

Central Plan Schemes Monitoring System (CPSMS)

Benefits derived from CPSMS

• It captures data on all schemes operated by central civil ministries with Budget provision on website

• All sanctions can be tracked right from its inception in Programme Division, movement to DDO for bill submission, to PAO for payment, and to bank with cheque / Advice detail. Report on sanctions issued, sanctions settled and sanctions pending is available to users. A pendency report can also be generated from the system. The tracking of sanctions and pendency reports are very effective tools of regular monitoring.

• Sanction orders are now being generated through the system. The inbuilt “draft sanction module” reduces the data entry work, typing work and data entry related errors in preparation of sanctions.

• Sanction orders issued through CPSMS are available to beneficiary states/implementing agencies/ entities & to individual to track their releases.

• Universal application of CPSMS software covering all Plan Schemes of Government of India reduces the proliferation of local software and portals running for different schemes both at Central and States level.

• It provides a common platform which can provide details of Ministry wise, Scheme-wise, State-wise and Agency-wise sanction issued and releases made. The releases & expenditure statement along with percentage with respect to BE, can be generated on real time basis.

• It distinguishes between releases/transfers of funds and final expenditure incurred.

• System provides comparative statement of releases made in corresponding period of previous years.

• Consolidated information is available on different grants received: from various ministries/schemes: by any NGO/autonomous body/individual.

• Details of all such agencies (including NGO’s) drawing Grants from more than one Scheme/Ministry/Department can be generated.

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