What is wrong with this world? Anger, frustration, anxiety , depression, loneliness and what not makes a man powerful enough to beat or molest a woman. When someone talks about how the world has change and how the technology is on the new level, men make me feel we haven’t actually grown up we all are still living that typical life. Money is all that matters to everyone out there.

Today I’m going to talk about the sixteen year old girl who is a victim of eve teasing by the boy living in her own building. On 17th October a girl while going to her tuition class got molested because she objected the assault done by the boys. Those boys had been troubling her since before. The boy hurted the girl on objecting. The girl said that when they filed the case the boys came to her family and first begged for taking the case back but when the victim refused they said they will kill their family and will give money to the police and will solve the case.

The boy got bail and are now free but the victim said she demands that they should be kept in jail.

So, tell me is it wrong to raise a voice against violation, molestation, assault or any time of crime. Does money really buy the crime?