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This blog is a Resource centre and an Interaction point for Civil Service Aspirants. The topics here will be selected based on their relevance to Civil Service Examination, however it may be of use to other competitive exam aspirants and for Knowledge enthusiasts.

The topics are organised on Civil Services Exam pattern… both Prelims and Mains. There will also be “Backgrounders” on various topics that will provide a concise starting point to learn more about that topic. This will be useful particularly for the Main Examination…. for topics like International relations which many aspirants find it difficult to get concise notes.

There will be an FAQ section to answer many basic questions about the structure content and approach to the Examination. This is for all those new aspirants who need some guidance on basic things.

You can mail your questions, suggestions and even your own notes for the benefit of other aspirants to saitamagym@gmail.com

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Our Approach

What could be better said then being done! We will use the most lucid, easy to grasp teaching methods and therefore we will use our mother tongue yes right hindi and as well as english as its deeply submerged in our education system at the current phase of time , so not only we relate to our students but we also uses approach that we have gained through experience and dedication hard work of years and years and we therefore present it before you.

Our Story

Every study has dreamed about getting a good job , one day or the other and yes we have been in the same shoes over and over the years , and therefor its our sole basic reason that we have dedicated ourselves to bring towards our readers our dedication and work to help the student and the masses…

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