November 2014
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Top 12 mistakes that IAS Aspirants make

  1. Concentrating more on materials collection than studying
  2. Thinking that studying at Delhi is the only way to get into IAS.
  3. Not taking notes of subjects and newspaper.
  4. Choosing optionals based on what others recommend.
  5. Reading the notes of institutes than textbooks.
  6. Ignoring time mangement.
  7. Not changing the preparation strategy in the subsequent attempts.
  8. Thinking that œXYZ institute/academy will make them pass.
  9. Attitude of œI will just try my luck. Not serious enough.
  10. Sitting with book all day without meaningful study.
  11. Leaving out some areas of syllabus based on what others say. eg. Statistics in Mains
  12. Study pattern fluctuating with mood. No stable effort.

There are many more that we all make. What was the mistake you made. How do you plan to overcome it.

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