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How to prepare for Current Affairs with reference to Banking and UPSC exam

You are aware that Current Affairs forms a major part of preparation for competitive exam such as UPSC IAS,SSC,MBA and Bank PO exams. It is the main reason why thousands of people visit GsCurrentAffairs every day.

We had already discussed the about how to prepare for  IAS Current affairs.

Despite Current Affairs being important for all exams there are some differences in the way preparation is done. The preparation varies according to the organisation that conducts the exam viz. UPSC,SSC,Banks etc. The preparation also varies as per level of exam.

For example the type of question asked in UPSC is different from the type of question asked in SSC or MBA exams. Similarly the type of question asked in clerical exam is different from those asked on Bank PO exam even though the both the exams are conducted by the same bank.

The difference can be in terms of depth of the question or the level of analysis required to answer the question.

How difference of depth is made in questions. Let us the take the example of Bio-Sphere Reserves in India


Beginner level

1. In which state the Simlipal Bio-sphere reserve is located?

A. West Bengal B.Arunachal Pradesh C.Gujarat D.Orissa

Ans: D. Orissa

This is a simple straight forward question mostly asked in Bank clerical exam and exams with Class XII or graduate level exams. Such questions may also come in other entrance exams and MBA exams.

Intermediate Level

2. Which of the following is a Biosphere Reserve in India?

  • A. Nanda Devi
  • B. Gulf of Cambay
  • C.Chandipur Lake
  • D.Mt. Everest

Ans: A.Nanda Devi

To answer this question you need to know the you need to have a fair idea of the Biosphere reserves in India. With a recall rate of about 50% you may be able to guess this question.

Such Questions are asked in Bank PO and sometimes in UPSC also.

Advanced Level

3. Which of the following is a Not a Biosphere Reserve in India?

A. Pachmarhi

B.Gulf of Mannar

C.Gulf of Cambay


Ans: C.Gulf of Cambay

This is the a more complex question to answer for a topic like this.You need to remember almost all Biosphere reserves in India. Here you need to get all the three correct answers to finally decide the right negative answer.

This is more frequently used in UPSC exams. Bank exam candidates need not worry much about this level.

The Expert level

This is the ultimate type where the candidate has to match data given.

4. Match the following:

A. Pachmarhi                   1. Meghalaya

B.Nandadevi                     2.Tamilnadu

C.Nokrek                           3.Uttrakhand

D.Nilgiris                           4.Madhya Pradesh


A. 4,3,1,2      B. 1,2,3,4       C. 3,2,4,1     D.  3,4,2,1

Ans ;  A. 4,3,1,2 

Here you need to remember not only the Biosphere names but also their locations. To add to complexity a fifth Data set ā€œEā€ is also given. This type of question is favourite for the UPSC people to ask. It takes more time to answer the question even if you know the information.

There are methods about how you have to prepare for such questions. But that is an article for another day.

Now decide at which level you are and which level you need to achieve to clear the exam. Let me know in the comments.

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Prem Sethi

14/07/2011 at 11:46 am

HI, for bank PO level


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