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GSCurrentAffairs plan is to provide strategies for tackling General Studies in UPSC examination , which ranges from syllabus memorization and reading to following tips and tricks of other students who have either appeared in examination or have actually cleared Civil Services Examinations with decent score.

हिंदी Gk - Current Affairs in hindi

Hindi Current Affairs and Gk have recently being proved to hold many important benefits for students all over India , so this section will focus on providing Current Affairs News in Hindi, on regular basis for SSC, IBPS and other Banking and Government exams.

Current Affairs

This Section Focuses on Daily Current Affairs of day-to-day events, covering all news topic which are helpful in preparations for exams such as UPSC,SSC,RBI etc.This section is updated daily.

General Studies Current Affairs

This Website, GScurrentAffairs is the hardwork of team (consisting teachers,professors,readers) which were students at time preparing for Prestigious exams , such as

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission),


IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection).

and are here to combine their knowledge and share their experiences, advices, tips and tricks to the world as a token of gratitude. Since, in this era of internet boom especially in india because of JIO (thank you ambani!) has helped many and i repeat many students from all over india to study online without loosing their pocket weight on unnecessary hugely monopolized internet and of course our famous coaching institutes who aim to not only increase their students ranking but also, help them loose weight out of their parents pockets.

So, here at GScurrentAffairs , cutting short we will try to accomodate all necessity of a student who are preparing for CSE (Civil Service Examinations), and how we will do that? if you may ask , is pretty simple and easy forward as we are expertise in this very playground of Government exams , because our team has all once or while tried to be in the shoes you are in today.

To, Be at fair now, what could be the benefit of regularly visiting this website if you may ask?

Then , Fellow aspirants let me briefly describe the same one by one.

  1. Regular Fresh Brewed Content will be delivered to your mail box , if you subscribe our mailing lists and To receive Ncert Books and Ncert Solutions.
  2. Daily Updates of All current affairs related to General Knowledge Matter and General Studies especially targeted for Exams such as UPSC and SSC will be provided.
  3. Since, this era involves a lot of students coming from various fields and different language mediums, especially targeting here Hindi, Because why not? its our national language so, what we have planned is that we will also cover all our news in hindi too.
  4. Last, but not the least for now , we will try to post gk quiz, regular updates and strategy used by other students and aspirants who are sharing the same fate and dream, because it will for sure help one or the other student to achieve there goal.
  5. And For a good saying "Subscribing and Bookmarking this website is the key to your success endeavour.




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